Need help moving that heavy piano?

Protect your piano by letting us help you move it properly. A piano is a major investment and attempting to move one by yourself is unsafe and could turn out to be a financial setback. Unlike normal furniture, pianos require special attention during the moving process due to their delicate wood frame, parts, and sensitive tuning.


Let a professional mover like us who specializes in moving pianos help you. It only takes on small drop of the piano for possible damage to occur. Using a professional moving company is the best solution for you.

Don't break your back

Pianos are heavy. Don't get hurt trying to move one yourself. The average spinet weighs between 300 pounds to 500 pounds. Grand pianos and Baby Grand pianos can weigh from 400 pounds to 1,000 pounds. Use professionals to help you move your piano.

Specialized piano movers

•  Specialized equipment

•  Experience movers

•  Padded trucks for protection

•  32 years experience

Get the help you deserve

You deserve to let someone else do the work of packing up your home. Let Ray E. Owens & Son Moving take care of it for you. They will get all of your belongings safely to their new place, including that heavy piano. You won't have to worry about anything.

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