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Organs are large instruments much like a piano. They require a lot of care and maintenance to ensure that they function properly. Just like pianos, they can be a more difficult large item to relocate if you are moving and taking the organ with you.


Musical instruments like an organ are extremely delicate in nature. They have a lot of delicate parts and need to be handled carefully. You will want to trust a professional piano and organ moving company to do it right.

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You'll find it's not easy to move an organ by yourself. With all of its delicate parts and level of difficulty moving it you will want to hire somebody with expertise and experience to do it successfully.

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•  Specialized moving equipment for organs and pianos

•  Various sized trucks

•  Affordable rates

•  Expert service

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You can move just about anything with Ray E. Owens & Sons Moving. Your piano or organ will be expertly moved and delivered to their new home. Check out our affordable rate by calling for your FREE estimate today. Don't just trust anyone!

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